1. Clean and organize your house. Unclutter rooms to make them appear larger.  Avoid leaving too many personal effects and knickknacks out so buyers can envision their personal items in the home.

2. Keep your lawn tidy.  Trim shrubs to be level with the window seals: Overgrown shrubs suggest the home is unkept.

3.  Use a fresh coat of neutral paint on rooms with loud color pallets.

4. Update kitchen appliances and cabinet hardware.  A complete remodel isn't necessary when small changes can still make a big impact.  The kitchen is usually where the buyers gravitate to first.

5. Update bathroom fixtures: A new faucet or light fixture make a big difference.  Hang new towels for a pop of color.  

6. Build a fence.   Buyers with children or pets value the privacy and security of a fenced in backyard.

7. Install or clean out the gutters to protect your home from water damage.  Gutters overflowing with leaves and debis make the home appear unkept and don't make a good first impression.

8. Light up the outside: Be sure porch lighting is working and clean the glass and cobwebs.  Make it sparkle for that first impression.

9. Closets and storage spaces: You can't have too much storage space and well organized storage is always impressive.  Install simple closet organizers for clothes and shoes.

10. Consider offering a home warranty to buyers to boost their confidence in purchasing your home.

Selling Advice

Heading 6

First Steps

Selling your house involves much more than placing a sign in the yard, listing it on the MLS and hosting an Open House.  

Choosing a tech savvy Real Estate Agent is extremely important in today's market.  Today's buyers are connected to anything and everything electronic.  They expect information and responses to inquiries and text messages quickly or they move on.   

Pooling, farming and surfing are all key components in today's real estate market and we're on board! 

The selling process should involve planning and open communication with your real estate agent to facilitate a smooth transition.   


Setting the Price for Your Home

Pricing is one of the most important parts of your marketing plan. 


To determine the best asking price,  review recent sales for comparable homes and also evaluate homes nearby for sale. 

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